[Pkg-nagios-devel] IPv6 status of check_ping in nagios-plugins-basic ?

Matija Nalis mnalis+debianbug at CARNet.hr
Fri Oct 15 15:21:22 UTC 2010


Can anybody give a status update on Debian bug #514588 at:

The patch fixing the bug is well tested, have been working for years for me 
and other people, all giving positive feedback both at Debian bug and at

The patch is quite simple and small, well explained why it happens
and how to fix it (I hope, please let me know if more explanation or
whatever is needed), with examples how to reproduce; and has been
sitting on both Debian bug tracker and the upstream bug tracker for
more than a year and a half, without it being implemented (or thrown
down as broken or whatever) by either Debian or upstream.  And it
fixes real problems that people have with using this nagios plugin in
IPv6 environment.

And yet the patch stays unapplied and bug unfixed :-(

Is there anything I could do to help for it to enter the Debian
package?  I'd love to see it in Squeeze (especially since it would
help Debian Squeeze release goal of full IPv6 support), but even 
just it entering sid would be OK. At least it would be fixed by
squeeze+1 then.

If there are any reasons against applying the patch, or anything
other, please let me know so I can fix the causes.

Thank you,

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