[Pkg-nagios-devel] NDOutils in squeeze

Tony Yarusso tyarusso at nagios.com
Wed Sep 8 15:09:33 UTC 2010

Hi all, it was just brought to my attention that there are no packages
for NDOutils in squeeze currently.  They are in lenny *and* sid, but not
squeeze.  Is this intentional, and if so, why?  Did it miss a sync at
some point, or was a decision made to remove it?  This affects three
binary packages to my knowledge:

As long as I'm writing, I'll note the status of other things (partly for
my own reference):
 * Plugins:  All up to date - awesome!
 * Nagios:  3.2.1 - there is a 3.2.2 now that fixes a number of
irritating bugs, so if there's a way to get that in squeeze yet that
would be sweet, but I don't know if that's likely given the frozen
 * NRPE:  Up to date.
 * NSCA:  Up to date.
 * NagVis:  1.4.6 - current version is 1.5.1 and the 1.4.x branch has
been marked as obsolete.  Almost certainly not eligible for updating
post-freeze, but worth noting.

Thanks again for your work!

Tony Yarusso
Technical Team
Nagios Enterprises, LLC
Email:  tyarusso at nagios.com
Web:    www.nagios.com

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