[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#640070: nagios-plugins: some ideas on improving the package documentation

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Thu Sep 1 21:44:33 UTC 2011

Source: nagios-plugins
Version: 1.4.15-4
Severity: wishlist


These are just some ideas on how (IMHO) the package documentation
could be improved. Pick what you like.

1) For nearly all but the actuall main nagios packages it's IMHO
not that important to repeate that large information on what Nagios is
and it's features in the package description
Especially with nagios-plugins* as this is also used by others (e.g. Icinga)
which may have different feature sets.

2) I'd rather like to read (in the package description), which plugins are
acutally contained in the -basic and -standard packages and if not obvious
what they roughly do.

3) In /usr/share/doc/nagios-plugins-basic/README you also mention the deps
(which are not package dependencies) for the -standard package.
I guess this comes from using the same /u/s/d/ files in all the nagios-plugin
Using the same files here is some very very tiny bit confusing, as e.g.
/usr/share/doc/nagios-plugins-standard/README.Debian.plugins does not necessarily
exist on the system ;)
It should perhaps be noted, that the -basic plugins have no furhter deps,
and all are already guaranteed via package dependencies, AFAIU.

4) I personally would find it useful, if you add the dependencies of the
-standard plugins to that package's description,.. similarly to what the
devscripts package does.

5) It might even be possible to do similar thing as in (4) with the plugins
that require root right (to have this better documented).
Or at least the list in README.Debian should be complete.


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