[Pkg-nagios-devel] ITP: icinga-web -- host and network monitoring system - modern web

Alexander Wirt formorer at debian.org
Wed Sep 7 13:51:52 UTC 2011

Christoph Anton Mitterer schrieb am Donnerstag, den 01. September 2011:

> Hey...
> What's the status on this? Mezgani, do you still ITP this?
> Or are there any chances to see this packaged by the Debian Nagios
> Maintainer Group?
Haha. Never, if you ask me. -web is not ready for any usage - and in every
version something crucial changes. From 1.4 to 1.5 a complete reinstallation
was neccessary to get it running. If you want to package it: good luck. I
checked and its a nightmare. And - just my 2 cent - it shouldn't go into
debian in its current state. 

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