[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#626456: nagvis: configuration after install does not work (error MySQLConnectionFailed)

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl tolimar at debian.org
Wed Sep 7 14:14:53 UTC 2011

clone 626456 -1
reassing -1 ndoutils-nagios3-mysql
retitle -1 Please activatendoutils automatically on installation
severity -1 normal

Hi Thomas!

I've just taken over maintainership of the nagvis package and wanted to
let you know, that your bug hasn't been forgoten.

I agree that ideally a simple apt-get install nagvis should result in a
working installation, but I'm not sure, if all of the issues can be

* Knaller, Thomas <thomas.knaller at jaw.or.at> [110512 07:48]:

> In order to get it working, you need to edit several files:
> /etc/default/ndoutils
> remove # in front of SOCKET=..
> /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg
> add line broker_module=/usr/lib/ndoutils/ndomod-mysql-3x.o config_file=/etc/nagios3/ndomod.cfg
> restart ndoutils and nagios3 services

Yes, ndoutils have to be activated.  This is documented in
/usr/share/doc/ndoutils-nagios3-mysql/README.Debian.  I fear there is
nothing I can do in the nagvis package, so I clone this bug report to
the ndoutils package, and well's dicsuss this issue seperatly.

> /etc/nagvis/nagvis.ini.php
> under the section [backend_ndomy_1]
> you need to specify dbname, dbuser and dbpass, even though it's stored
> under /etc/dbconfig-common/ndoutils-mysql.conf and there is a file called
> /etc/dbconfig-common/nagvis.conf in which there is nothing configured.

Hmmm... Seems that the handling of the configuration was at one point
broken.  That's something I can try to fix (and which might be even get
included into a fix for the stable package; but I'll have to check that

However, please also note, that these parts of nagvis have been changed
with recent upstream releases, so I hope in will work better with
future version of the nagvis package.

> automatically adding a link to nagvis from nagios menu would also be great,
> this is an edit in /usr/share/nagios3/htdocs/side.php,
> specifying something like this:
> <li><a href="/nagvis" target="<?php echo $link_target;?>">Nagvis</a></li>
> somewhere the nagvis-link fits (i.e. under the link to "Map".

I'm sorry, but I fear that's something that can't be done.  While I
understand your motived, doing that would completly violate the Debian
policy, and the Debians package management system can't really handle
such changes, so even if I changed that file (ignore that in theory you
could run nagvis on a seperate box than your nagios installation), it
would be lost with the next upgrade of the nagios package shipping it.
So I fear that's something you'll have to do by hand.

Best Regards,

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