[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#641391: Bug#641391: icinga-idoutils SQL fails when constraints have already been removed

Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Tue Sep 13 06:30:07 UTC 2011

David Tulloh schrieb am Tuesday, den 13. September 2011:

> Package: icinga-idoutils
> Version: 1.5.0-3
> Severity: normal
> Setting up icinga-idoutils (1.5.0-3) ...
> dbconfig-common: writing config to /etc/dbconfig-common/icinga-idoutils.conf
> creating database backup in
> /var/cache/dbconfig-common/backups/icinga-idoutils_1.4.2-1+b2.pgsql.
> applying upgrade sql for 1.4.2-1+b2 -> 1.5.0-1.sql.
> error encountered processing
> /usr/share/dbconfig-common/data/icinga-idoutils/upgrade/pgsql/1.5.0-1.sql:
> ERROR: constraint "uq_timeperiod_timeranges" of relation
> "icinga_timeperiod_timeranges" does not exist
> dbconfig-common: icinga-idoutils configure: aborted.
> dbconfig-common: flushing administrative password
> dpkg: error processing icinga-idoutils (--configure):
>  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  icinga-idoutils
> Actual error is caused by the SQL line in 1.5.0-1.sql:
> ALTER TABLE icinga_timeperiod_timeranges DROP CONSTRAINT
> uq_timeperiod_timeranges;
> I believe I'm not actually upgrading from 1.4.2-1+b2, I probably had
> 1.5.0-0 installed, so the constraint had already been removed.
> Changing the SQL line to the following should work for both cases
> ALTER TABLE icinga_timeperiod_timeranges DROP CONSTRAINT IF EXISTS
> uq_timeperiod_timeranges;
> The other seven lines in the file have to be changed similarly.
What is 1.5.0-0? That is a package version that never existed.


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