[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#683138: Bug#683138: Bug#683138: pnp4nagios-web: crashes immediately due to debian/patches/adjust-template-path

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Fri Aug 3 22:34:12 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-08-03 at 10:34 +0200, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> >> I cannot reproduce this behavior.
> > Hmm... and you had a clean fresh installation?
> No.
But your template.d dir was empty?

> So, I suppose, you're still using libc from Squeeze, right?
Yes... I can't tell easily if this changes the behaviour of PHP's
glob()... that's a production system and I simply upgrade libc for a

> > But the open_basedir includes /etc/pnp4nagios.... so that shouldn't be  
> > aproblem.
> Well, I suppose that it would not work either way if that was the
> problem ;-)

> Right. I suppose PHP uses the glob(3) function from libc, so you're
> "mixed" setup might cause that problem. I fully agree that this should
> be fixed, but the question is if this bug is to be considered RC.
No I guess not... I'm not even sure whether this justifies the need for
a breaks or something like this.

I mean I'm fully aware that this mixed setup is not officially
supported ... but it may reveal problem with dependencies that could hit
people during ugpgrades... not in that case it's not really
problematic... because it would be only a short "failure" of
PNP4nagios-web during the upgrade.

> Anyway, since the patch is fairly trivial, I'll try to get it into
> Wheezy -- after all, there might be other architectures / setups that
> would cause this problem as well.

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