[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#659723: New NagVis version uploaded to Debian experimental, please test

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl tolimar at debian.org
Tue Mar 6 16:40:23 UTC 2012

[ BCCed to the people participating in the nagvis bug reports; sorry if
you get this mail several times ]


As you might have noticed I just uploaded a new version of NagVis to
Debian's experimental branch introducing usage of the mk livestatus
backend, support for icinga and configuration via debconf and ucf.  It
is quite easier.

It would be most welcome if you spend some time testing it, as I did
more or less everything from scratch.  But please note, that I didn't
hat any time for any upgrade tests from previous versions!  It might
work (in which case a report would be nice), but more likely will
horibly fail (in which case a report would be even nicer).

Regarding the repeated wishes to make NagVis work out of the box, I fear
that version still doesn't satisfy all your wishes.  You still have to
activate the check-mk-livestatus broker in your Icinga/Nagios
configuration, and you have to make sure that www-data (the user running
NagVis) may access the mk livestatus socket.

For both are solutions in sight:
* Icinga will soonish over conf.d support, meaning that
check-mk-livestatus can just drop a configuration sniplet and will work
out of the box.
* And at least Icinga (and probably Nagios, too) will get a debconf
questions, if www-data should get the needed rights.

As there isn't much more I can do in the NagVis package itself, I
therefore closed the corresponding bug reports with my recent upload.

So again, many thanks for your feedback so far - and sorry that it took
so long to bring the package in shape.

Best regards,

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