[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#663047: nsca: race condition when opening command file

Matej Vela vela at debian.org
Thu Mar 8 08:00:30 UTC 2012

Package: nsca
Version: 2.9.1-2
Severity: important
Tags: patch upstream
Forwarded: http://tracker.nagios.org/view.php?id=296

I haven't heard back from upstream, so I hope this can at least be fixed
in the Debian package.  Also <https://dev.icinga.org/issues/2400>.

> There is a race condition in src/nsca.c:open_command_file between
> stat() and fopen().  If the command file exists at the point of
> stat(), but is then removed before fopen() (typically by the Nagios
> init script), nsca will create an empty file instead of a named pipe.
> In our case, this would happen at least once every 2-3 reboots.
> It would be safer to open() the file atomically, without the O_CREAT
> that is implicit in fopen(..., "w"). Other parts of the code already use
> open() and related headers, so this shouldn't affect portability.
> Patch attached.

> To expand a bit, here's the scenario step by step:
>  1. src/nsca.c:open_command_file checks whether the named pipe exists,
>     sees that it does, and decides not to use the alternate dump file:
>     /* command file doesn't exist - monitoring app probably isn't running... */
>     if(stat(command_file,&statbuf)){
>  2. An instant later, "/etc/init.d/nagios3 start" removes the pipe:
>     rm -f $NagiosCommandFile

("rm -f $nagiospipe" in the Debian version.)

>  3. src/nsca.c:open_command_file opens the named pipe with fopen(3),
>     either in "a" or "w" mode. Both of these imply open(2) with
>     O_CREAT, so the command file gets created as an ordinary file:
>     command_file_fp=fopen(command_file,(append_to_file==TRUE)?"a":"w");
>  4. Nagios calls mkfifo(3) from base/utils.c:open_command_file, gets
>     EEXIST because the path already exists, and dies ignominiously.
> If we make the first step atomic -- either an existing pipe is opened
> or not -- the problem goes away.


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