[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#732058: Bug#732058: icinga-web should depend on with IDO >= 1.10.0

Markus Frosch markus at lazyfrosch.de
Fri Dec 13 12:58:22 UTC 2013

Control: retitle -1 icinga-web should depend on with IDO >= 1.10.0
Control: tags -1 + wontfix
Control: severity -1 normal

> subject says it all. please update the debian package dependencies.

Please include a proper explanation of your bug report in future
requests, it helps to understand what your point is. Also the usage (and
output) of "reportbug" is helpful.

The actual problem is, that I want to avoid a hard dependency on
icinga-idoutils, simply because the IDO stuff can be completely remote
with only database access from icinga-web. (That was different in the

The package only recommends icinga-idoutils as of now, and a version
doesn't work for recommendations.

Also conflicting is not the right way, especially because the schema
will only be updated based on user input or manually.

The current way is to provide the user with a proper NEWS entry on the
fact that the schema must be at least 1.10.0.

If anyone has a good solution for this without depending I'd appreciate
it and will likely use it.

Until then, or I come up with something, I will tag this bug as

Markus Frosch

Markus Frosch
markus at lazyfrosch.de
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