[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#686256: Bug#727675: Make nagios3-dev package available at the official Debian repository

Carl Chenet chaica at debian.org
Fri Dec 13 13:56:10 UTC 2013

On 13/12/2013 14:38, Alexander Wirt wrote:
>> #686256 contains a patch for it (in the body of the last message).  So
>> this is a blocking issue, not for this package itself but for wanna-be
>> packages in Debian archive).
> I am sorry, but this is "API (I don't like this word)" is not stable in any
> way. Providing them in a package isn't a good idea.
> Alex

Thanks for your answer Alex,

I don't agree with you on this topic. The headers will be clearly
identified as associated with a specific version of Nagios. They are not
a API and they don't have to be stable in time, from one version to another.

People build things around Nagios, so it is a user need, and not
providing these files (which exist anyway and are included in other
packages (see the check-mk package, in the livestatus.tar.gz file) force
people to embed these files in their own Debian package for no good
reason except that the Nagios package does not provide a headers package.

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