[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#728461: pu: package nagios3/3.4.1-3+deb7u1

Jonathan Wiltshire jmw at debian.org
Sun Nov 24 13:06:05 UTC 2013

Control: tag -1 pending

On 2013-11-17 14:51, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> Am 15.11.2013 23:30, schrieb Jonathan Wiltshire:
>> On 2013-11-01 14:45, Jonas Meurer wrote:
>>> the nagios3 package in wheezy suffers from at least one minor
>>> security bug and a regression. I prepared nagios3/3.4.1+deb7u1
>>> for wheezy proposed-updates in order to fix both of them.
>>> Additionally two non-intrusive fixes in the initscript are
>>> included: a typo and another regression.
>>> I consider the fixes for #680615 and #714171 as pretty important.
>>> Thus I suggest to push the pu to wheezy-updates.
>>> So do you agree to upload the prepared packages to pu? And
>>> furthermore, do you agree to push it to wheezy-updates as well?
>> Please go ahead to Wheezy. I don't think there is a great need to
>> use wheezy-updates as well.
> Thanks a lot for looking into this. Just uploaded to wheezy.

Flagged for acceptance.


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