[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#751759: Bug#751759: icinga-web: infinite js TypeErrors

Markus Frosch lazyfrosch at debian.org
Sun Aug 17 16:59:07 UTC 2014

Control: severity -1 minor

Hi Arto,

> No problem, but sadly the delay may have made debugging this more or
> less impossible.
> [...]
> Hmm. Somewhat embarrassingly I can't reproduce this anymore either. Also
> I have cleared the cache several times since I last saw this, and thus
> can't provide the squished file that had a matching line number to the
> error I saw.
> This did reproduce consistently back when I reported this bug, my guess
> is that it's configuration (either icinga-web or web server)
> dependent. Or possibly even browser version (Iceweasel has had a few
> updates since then)..
> If I ever hit this again I'll make sure to save the squished js
> immediately.

Thank you, most of those problems I had in the past came from missing
semicolons in the merged JS files.

Sadly the files are not merged exactly in the same order every time.


var foo = function() {
} // should have semicolon here

// other code

Usually this can be fixed with a cache clear, not a good solution, but
well... Bad design decisions.

I don't think this will justify a stable update :(

Hope the explanation helps you. I'll have a look if the error appears

Btw. on second thought, send me the squished JS as retrieved from the
URL. The software adds some additional lines to the top.


Markus Frosch
lazyfrosch at debian.org / markus at lazyfrosch.de
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