[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#757104: Bug#757104: icinga2-classicui: start page displays icinga1 information

Markus Frosch lazyfrosch at debian.org
Fri Aug 29 12:00:46 UTC 2014

Control: tags -1 + wontfix

Hi Jonas,
thanks for your feedback, let me try to answer your issues.

> when using icinga2-classicui together with icinga2, the start page is
> missleading. It displays version details about the version of installed
> icinga-cgi package:
> > Version 1.11.5
> > Juni 20, 2014
> > Read what's new in Icinga 1.11.5

Thats actually correct, because the ClassicUI you are using *is* version

It is simply a web interface, that supports Icinga 2. I wanted to avoid
changing to many files, simply to make it simple to use, and to update.

> Either the icinga2-classicui package should replace this default start
> page, or icinga-cgi should detect which backend icinga server it
> connects to and display respective information instead.

The CGIs do detect which backend is used, but this is not displayed in
the static HTML pages, only the CGIs themselves.

> Also, the link to "read what's new in Icinga 1.11.5" seems to broken:
> /icinga2-classicui/docs/en/whatsnew.html does not exist.

Yes, because there is no integration of any docs for the web frontend
yet. (This will come with icingaweb2 - and I guess only there)

So far the only solution that would make sense is to remove "Home" from
the menu and the /icinga2-classicui location.

But I want to keep it for showing the CGI copyright and version.

So sadly a wontfix I guess.


Markus Frosch
lazyfrosch at debian.org / markus at lazyfrosch.de
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