[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#479330: log rotation, still an issue

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Dec 2 08:52:47 UTC 2014

This is still an issue that catches people by surprise when they get a
Nagios alert about their disk filling up and then they find Nagios
itself is to blame.

Marc, you state in your previous comment "History is important"

- is the history data in these log files any more important than the
history in any other standard log file under /var/log ?

- if this historic data is essential for Nagios to perform its duties
accurately (e.g. for some kind of reporting), is it really suitable for
/var/log at all or should it be in /var/lib or /var/cache ?

- if just some subset of the log data is important should that be logged
to a separate file or /var/lib ?

- any reason for not logging exclusively via syslog?  Just be sure to
avoid feedback loops with syslog-nagios-bridge of course...

People running ganglia-nagios-bridge are finding an increase in the
volume of log data because ganglia-nagios-bridge is submitting many
check results in bulk every minute.

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