[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#735969: Bug#735969: Additional "or" dependency to php5-mysqlnd / php5-mysqli

Chris fisch.666 at gmx.de
Wed Feb 19 19:13:47 UTC 2014

Hey Markus,

thanks for fixing this. I didn't notice that php5-mysqli is not
available (anymore?) in debian and i don't know why phpmyadmin is
referencing to this package. So i think php5-mysqlnd as an alternative
is absolutely fine.


Am 19.02.2014 16:59, schrieb Markus Frosch:
> On Sa, 2014-02-08 at 14:16 +0100, Chris wrote:
>> retitle 735969 Additional "or" dependency to php5-mysqlnd / php5-mysqli
>> Thanks
>> Hi,
>> just updated the title as its probably also a good idea to add an
>> additional dependency to php5-mysqli which is also uninstalled if
>> incinga-web is installed.
> Hey Chris,
> thanks for your bug report. Adding php5-mysqlnd should not be a problem,
> works like a charm for me.
> I'm a bit worried about php5-mysqli, because that module is not included
> in Debian, so I guess I won't depend on that.
> Usually the "Replaces" tag to php5-mysql should help a special user any
> ways.
> Cheers
> Markus

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