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Sun May 18 21:56:50 UTC 2014


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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 11:59:14 +0200
Source: nagios-plugins-contrib
Binary: nagios-plugins-contrib
Architecture: source i386
Version: 10.20140427~bpo70+1
Distribution: wheezy-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Nagios Maintainer Group <pkg-nagios-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Jan Wagner <waja at cyconet.org>
 nagios-plugins-contrib - Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems
Closes: 727468 742877 744248 744922 745895
 nagios-plugins-contrib (10.20140427~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuild for wheezy-backports.
 nagios-plugins-contrib (10.20140427) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Jan Wagner ]
   * [0029d09d] check_email_delivery: Use full binary path instead of $ macro in command definition
   [ Evgeni Golov ]
   * [1028de53] use = instead of == in shell comparisons
      /bin/sh: 4: [: dh_auto_clean: unexpected operator
     for /bin/sh != /bin/bash
   [ Bernd Zeimetz ]
   * [6bc6ae0e] Merge pull request #39 from evgeni/no-bashisms
     use = instead of == in shell comparisons
   [ Jan Wagner ]
   * [92a64933] check_raid: Update to latest git version
   * [646ae3cf] check_ssl_cert: Update to 1.16.0
   * [5810c290] check_whois: Update to 1.15
   * [62ed2f18] check_httpd_status: Update to rev148
   * [b5c5becf] check_mongodb: Update copyright file.
     Include full copyright to make lintian happy.
   * [64e5aa8b] check_mysql_health: Update copyright file.
     Add reference to GPL license file
   * [ab9066d2] check_hpasm: Update copyright file.
     Add reference to GPL license file
   * [a0a47d2a] check_memory: Update copyright file.
     Update FSF address
   * [0bbd4521] check_rbl: Update copyright file.
     Cosmetical changes
   * [0f533e19] Add '--with autoreconf' to dh calls (Closes: #727468)
       - Build-depend on dh-autoreconf
       - Add check_varnish/automake_foreign patch
       - Specify autoreconf (sub-)dirs in debian/autoreconf
   * [19c052cc] check_multipath: Update to 0.2.0
   * [5c94f9c5] Add Travis-CI configuration
   [ Stanislav German-Evtushenko ]
   * [b04bdeb0] check_drbd: add check for oos and cosmetic.
     1) add check for out of sync sectors (report WARNING for non-zero value)
     2) cosmetic: sort device list while processing
   * [13ace27b] small fix: oos is in KiB and not sectors
   [ Jan Wagner ]
   * [bc434662] check_mongo: Update to latest git version
   * [dbd5989c] check_raid: Update to latest git version
   * [3100e689] check_ssl_cert: Update to 1.16.1 (No source changes)
   * [a7e727c8] check_raid: Update to latest git version (Closes: #742877)
   * [8fcc4d95] check_ssl_cert: Update to 1.16.1 (No source changes)
   * [1d17b5da] Update VCS-* field to uncanonical URI
   * [5529d605] check_memory: Update to new upstream source
   * [18a708fb] check_memory: Update to version 1.0.1
   * [b88fd4ae] check_snmp_time: Preventing to use first person in package description
   * [dfbe25c3] Merge 0f533e1959 and f4cc012a82 into debian/control.in
   * [5a2dff52] Updating debian/copyright and debian/control
   * [dfb170cb] Updating standards version to 3.9.5, no changes needed
   [ Bernd Zeimetz ]
   * [6af00ac0] Merge pull request #43 from giner/patch-1
     check_drbd: add check for oos and cosmetic
   * [f5deb224] Move b04bdeb025c77e34fdf8ed9eab2f222240297ca3 into a patch file.
   * [4b9f4ad4] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
   [ Evgeni Golov ]
   * [9774c695] do not build check_varnish and check_memcached on hurd-i386
     also do not build check_memcached on arm64 and check_varnish on m68k
   [ Bernd Zeimetz ]
   * [2a2e8abe] Add closing brackets fix for check_imap_quota.
   * [244d5d31] Merge pull request #40 from evgeni/hurd
     do not build check_varnish and check_memcached on hurd-i386
   * [b032938a] Use sha1 to check check_libs upstream.
   [ Evgeni Golov ]
   * [eef97dc6] update check_rbl to 1.3.2
     this is a mere documentation update, but having the latest version is always good
   * [2049c14d] dsa-check-cert-expire: Make timers configurable (Closes: #744248)
   * [868f614a] update dsa checks
   * [cd351102] update dsa-chack-packages (Closes: #744922)
   * [8a28edeb] check_varnish: add support for varnish 4 (Closes: #745895)
   [ Bernd Zeimetz ]
   * [7d537eca] Fix plugin name generation.
   * [5a9e4201] Merge pull request #46 from evgeni/check_rbl_132
     update check_rbl to 1.3.2
   * [d9702669] Merge pull request #47 from evgeni/dsa
     update dsa checks
   * [306e2109] Merge pull request #48 from evgeni/varnish4
     check_varnish: add support for varnish 4
   * [fea80041] Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
 df223762bf2db7edad832b46519e6f593d26e8d0 1977 nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1.dsc
 b8c3cd7e136571906f5e4d5df14af22a778ad038 1090090 nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 477b9a8588ee08290761f0d8e0a5494ea9b4e3d6 391534 nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 4ca74e865f4f374122451ecf14469451eb9d20c476e935f89f82a0fb8fa4a130 1977 nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1.dsc
 bd1258bee58e5a054e1699585d07adf73fb0cc31d16fecf13cbad7e05498d421 1090090 nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 f258b4cdf8553d4cb49e579bb2a0d8ec623b62073de8abcc0577a24026a09110 391534 nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 d2b7cabfef71962aec82ffcc7e641d64 1977 net extra nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1.dsc
 6dc35b51de552b52aae48c025bd5f7da 1090090 net extra nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 8baac85a8d9e59b1f9cd7eb778414c0b 391534 net extra nagios-plugins-contrib_10.20140427~bpo70+1_i386.deb

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