[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#765879: Bug#765879: Bug#765879: check_swap reports SWAP OK when queried via nrpe and swap is disabled

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 07:59:58 UTC 2014

Am 21.10.2014 um 00:49 schrieb Christian Kujau:

>> This is not the upstream repository, but it`s
>> https://github.com/monitoring-plugins/monitoring-plugins.
> Ah, OK. nagios-plugins-basic lists http://nagiosplug.sourceforge.net as
> its homepage which now redirects to https://nagios-plugins.org/ and cites
> https://github.com/nagios-plugins/repositories as its Github repo.

You really should read [0] and [1].

Kind regards,

[0] https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/news/new-project-name.html
[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1054340

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