[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#773840: replacement for nrpe

Matt Taggart taggart at debian.org
Tue Jul 7 17:57:42 UTC 2015


I recently learned of a secure replacement for nrpe. The check-mk nagios
add on provides 'mrpe' which is a drop in replacement for nrpe, you can
use it with existing nrpe checks but they get run via check-mk's
transport, which can use ssh. I moved some of my existing nrpe scripts
to that, and I plan to eventually transition them to native check-mk
scripts for performance reasons.

In addition to replacing nrpe, there is also a check-mk agent that
replaces the also insecurce nagios-statd (agent 'ps').

It took some effort to transition, but now everything is done over
ssh (even on private networks) and also check-mk comes with so many
plugins that I have a lot more checks now and was able to get rid of
some custom checks.

Check it out, I think you'll like it. I have some notes on how to
transition things I should post somewhere...

Matt Taggart
taggart at debian.org

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