[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#671505: check-mk-server: support site local directories?

Matt Taggart taggart at debian.org
Fri Jul 10 22:00:38 UTC 2015


Thanks for the idea about site local directories.

Current upstream modules/check_mk.py has this:

# are we running OMD? If yes, honor local/ hierarchy
omd_root = os.getenv("OMD_ROOT", None)
if omd_root:
    local_share              = omd_root + "/local/share/check_mk"
    local_checks_dir         = local_share + "/checks"
    local_notifications_dir  = local_share + "/notifications"
    local_inventory_dir      = local_share + "/inventory"
    local_check_manpages_dir = local_share + "/checkman"
    local_agents_dir         = local_share + "/agents"
    local_special_agents_dir = local_agents_dir + "/special"
    local_mibs_dir           = local_share + "/mibs"
    local_web_dir            = local_share + "/web"
    local_pnp_templates_dir  = local_share + "/pnp-templates"
    local_doc_dir            = omd_root + "/local/share/doc/check_mk"
    local_locale_dir         = local_share + "/locale"
    local_checks_dir         = None
    local_notifications_dir  = None
    local_inventory_dir      = None
    local_check_manpages_dir = None
    local_agents_dir         = None
    local_special_agents_dir = None
    local_mibs_dir           = None
    local_web_dir            = None
    local_pnp_templates_dir  = None
    local_doc_dir            = None
    local_locale_dir         = None

So I think right now the upstream code is assuming that feature should
only be enabled if you are using OMD. But I don't see any reason why
that has to be the case, it's probably just that OMD automatically puts
things in there so that's how they first turned it on. So maybe
upstream would be willing to make it more generic? I will point them
to this request.


Matt Taggart
taggart at debian.org

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