[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#756479: nagios-nrpe-server: Ignores dont_blame_nrpe=1

Patrik Schindler poc at pocnet.net
Sun Jul 12 18:01:31 UTC 2015


following the discussion, I see no other option for me than recompile nrpe with command args enabled and set it to hold.

About the arguments flowing between the paticipants of this bug report: I don't know about prior discussions. Most Debian users don't know about these. And I think people like Jan Huijsmans and Michal Zelinka are unneccessarily rude. I understand Alexander Wirt. Maintaining software he was somehow pestered into only to get beaten off with decision he made and is supported by the debian security team is not a nice thing.

Now everyone is pissed and nrpe_server is orphan. Also not a good way.

But I must agree that (from the users's point) silently disabling a feature some people were relying on without any warning is not a good way. What *could* have been done in this case was utilizing a message pop up like some other packages do when substancial an incompatible changes in the software were about to happen with the installation. Could have saved me debugging time.

:wq! PoC

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