[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#781415: Embedded code copies

Dominik George nik at naturalnet.de
Mon May 11 14:49:56 UTC 2015

Source: icinga-web
Version: 1.12.0-1
Followup-For: Bug #781415

The same is true for ExtJS. icinga-web contains a lcoal copy of the same
ExtJS version that is shipped with Debian.

Please remove it, depend on libjs-extjs and map the code location there.

I have analysed the following:

 * Agavi is not in Debian, RFP sent (#784989).
 * Doctrine in icinga-web is too old, Debian has a newer major version,
   which needs refactoring in applications.
 * ExtJS can be replaced with the Debian version, in principal.
   Unfortunately, icinga-web depends on stuff from the ExtJS
   examples/. This should be discussed with upstream.
 * jit (JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit) is not in Debian, RFP sent (#784992).
 * jsgettext is not in Debian - ignore it, it seems to not be used
   anywhere else anyway and looks overall abandonned.
 * Phing is only used for building, no harm in that, probably.
 * phpseclib can be replaced with the Debian version, by simply
   removing it and the corresponding autoloader file.
 * Raphaël is in Debian, but the gRaphaël extension is not,
   RFP sent (#784985).

As the local phpseclib is only used for Net_SSH2, which I do not think
is used automatically, this does not seem to be too security-relevant,
so I propose to postpone the patch until the JavaScript libs can be
replaced as well.


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