[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#849915: Bug#849915: provide hints for migrating from nagios3 packages

Alexander Wirt formorer at debian.org
Mon Jan 2 08:26:25 UTC 2017

On Mon, 02 Jan 2017, Daniel Pocock wrote:

> Package: icinga2
> Version: 2.6.0-2
> Severity: wishlist
> Now that nagios3 is being removed[1] from the next stable Debian
> release, more people will potentially try to migrate to icinga2 or other
> solutions.
> Could you provide any tips in the README.Debian file specifically for
> people in that situation, e.g. a nagios3 user on Debian wheezy or jessie
> who is migrating to icinga2 (either from backports or after upgrade to
> stretch)?
> I notice this file in the package already:
> /usr/share/doc/icinga2/markdown/22-migrating-from-icinga-1x.md.gz
> and as Icinga1 was a Nagios fork, it appears most of it is also useful
> to a Nagios user.
> To make the experience for package users easier, it might be useful to
> provide some or all of the following:
> - comments about the way the nagios3 and icinga2 packages exist on a
> Debian system, for example, the config file locations, related packages
> like nagios-nrpe-server and their equivalents in the icinga2 world
Icinga2 has not much in common with Nagios, it is a complete rewrite and you
can't compare them. 

> - a list of the pages/sections of documentation that are essential
> reading for somebody who already has basic Nagios knowledge
> - if possible, a quickstart procedure for running the migration, with
> command line examples specific to a Debian system and file locations.
> Even if there is not really a "quick" way to upgrade, a step by step
> procedure that would help users who used the original Debian nagios
> package files without too many changes.
> - should people migrate their config directly from nagios3 to icinga2,
> or should they migrate their config to a database and then use some tool
> to automatically generate icinga2 config files from the database?  Are
> such tools already in Debian or are there RFP/ITP bugs for them?
You can't migrate. It is not the same software and configurations can't get

So, beside of upstreams "migration" hints, I don't see anything I can do. But
you are of course free to write something. 


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