[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#891333: Bug#891333: new upstream (2.8.1)

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at progress-linux.org
Sat Feb 24 22:34:25 UTC 2018

Hi Alexander,

On 02/24/2018 05:45 PM, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> want to maintain it?

for the last 5 years I only maintain a few[0] packages in Debian. In
general I do not want to maintain more (as I did some years ago),
however, icinga is quite important to me, so I'd like to volunteer for this.

I'll prepare an updated package and get it uploaded through my usual
sponsor if this is alright with you.

> it is de facto without maintainer. 

Does this also extend to icingaweb2?



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