[Pkg-nagios-devel] Maintainance monitoring-plugins (and others)

Jan Wagner waja at cyconet.org
Tue Jan 15 16:40:48 GMT 2019

Hi Sebastian,

many thanks for taking care of monitoring related packages in Debian!

Even if it doesn't seems to look like, I'm still taking care of the
monitorings-plugins package (and some others).
You've commited some minor changes, which is indeed great. Anyway it
breaks a bit the behaviour we handled the workflow in the past.

As far I remember we had agreed that d/changelog is generated by gbp
right before the release. This is good as the commits can be
cherry-picked more easier  for example.
When commiting changes to d/changelog it does only catch up commits
since the last change of d/changelog which needs to take extra care to
the pearson which is releasing the package. It would be good not to be
in such a situation.
In the past we had a release of nagios-plugins-contrib with uncomplete
d/changelog for that reason.

For monitoring-plugins I tried to avoid adding patches which are not
commited into upstream (which I'm part of in some kind) in some way. For
the fix of #919375 you commited changes so fast (which is good in
general) and without commenting into the bug itself, that I was not able
to react in any way.

While I appreciate and welcome your help on the monitoring packages, it
would be helpful if you could start communicating a bit in advance. If
you ask you now, which ppl you should contact, the mailing list would be
a good idea or even the last uploader which is also part in the team.

With kind regards, Jan.
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