[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#952974: Bug#952974: Typo /etc/icingweb2 in a lot of module packages

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 3 04:49:32 GMT 2020

On 3/2/20 10:52 PM, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Sebastiaan Couwenberg 2020-03-02 <58cea4eb-d7a5-7cca-aea8-0c4238c3f25a at xs4all.nl>
>>> The typo "/etc/icingweb2" seems to be in a lot of icingweb2 module
>>> packages:
>> Those are separate source packages from icingaweb2, and not maintained
>> within this team. Reassigning.
> Fwiw, I suspect that there's some template at fault from which this
> was copied.

The icingaweb2 package doesn't provide such a template.

I suspect David Kunz made the typo in the first module he packaged, and
subsequently copied that to all the other packages.

If the packages were maintained in the team I'd fix them, but he chose
not to.

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