[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#389434: 2 parts to the bug maybe

Michael Tautschnig tautschn at model.in.tum.de
Sun Oct 15 21:49:52 UTC 2006

> Separately, in fact, I can't reproduce that originally reported bug at
> all - installing snmp-base, snmpd and hplip, then starting snmpd and
> hplip does not cause the .index file to change - mtime and perms are
> the same before and after I start hplip. Michael, two questions:
>  * I'm curious - what makes you think hplip is to blame?
I didn't intend to effectively blame hplip for that one, hplip was probably just
the app using libsnmp, which created the file itself. Note that I didn't have
any .index in the directory before.

>  * In what order did you install the packages; is there anything else
>    I should know to help me reproduce this?
I guess you need to remove the .index and reboot your system to have hplip
started with umask 0000, then it _may_ be reproducable.


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