[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] net-snmp package suggest (for avoid GPL/OpenSSL problem)

Eduardo Ferro Aldama eduardo.ferro.aldama at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 07:42:46 UTC 2009


I send you this email to suggest a change in the net-snmp related deb
packages. As you know, there is a license  incompatibility between the GPL
and the OpenSSL license (
There is no problem with the licence used by net-snmp, but it is a problem
for packages using GPL and linking with linsnmp (and indirectly with
openssl). For this programs, the developers can use the GPL but adding
an "*OpenSSL
exception"* to the license allowing OpenSSL to be used with their programs.
As far as I know, a lot of packages need snmp support, but don't use the
openssl dependant parts, for example, a program can use snmp v1 or v2
without use openssl code. Even for snmp v3, net-snmp contains some support
without using openssl.

So, I suggest/propose to generate a new lib package(s) for use from gpl
software..... somthing like, libsnmp (normal) and libsnmp-noopenssl... The
upstream version have a configure script with --without -openssl option...

I try to use this modified packages for generate a deb package for docsis (
http://docsis.sourceforge.net). The first test works ok, and the new docsis
binary created don't depend in openssl

I am newbie in debian development, so I am not sure if I  should create a
RFP for this package.... Anyway I think that this gpl compliant package can
be interesting for more developers....

excuse me, if you think this message is inappropriate, or if you think that
this idea have no sense

Thanks in advance
Sorry for my english

Hasta Otra
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