[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#894626: Bug#894626: Bug#894626: libsnmp-info-perl: FTBFS against libsnmp-perl (src:net-snmp) 5.7.3+dfsg-2

Craig Small csmall at debian.org
Tue Apr 3 12:09:16 UTC 2018

Debhelper 10 brought in parallel builds and this breaks the SNMP perl

So three options:
1) Add --no-parallel to the dh line: This slows everything down
2) Fudge the debian/rules like the python module and run the perl creation
stuff after the library is built
3) Patch the upstream Makefile so it only builds perl modules after the
library is built.

I know #1 works.
#2 is my second option.
I'd like to do #3 but it comes down to working out the multitude of
Makefiles net-snmp has; most likely one word on the perlmodules line will
do it.

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