[Pkg-netatalk-devel] Bug#806217: Bug#806217: netatalk: Mac fails to copy files to netatalk server with error -50

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Nov 25 18:43:05 UTC 2015

Hi Jochen,

Quoting Jochen Pawletta (2015-11-25 15:18:24)
> I upgraded to debian jessie a while ago, but was still on kernel 3.2 
> for some reasons (boot-problems).
> Now I finaly changed to kernel 3.16 and the problems starting ...
> Netatalk does not work with the following log:
> Nov 25 13:43:39 joshua afpd[2897]: afp_setacl("/var/local/samba/Videos/Anime/0 Incoming/Bestellung JP Dienstbekleidung Kopie.pdf"): error

> I went back to kernel 3.2 and it works again:
> Nov 25 13:36:56 joshua afpd[4439]: volume "Home Directory" does not support Extended Attributes, using ea:ad instead

> I finally figured out that I had to mount the filesystem to be shared with
> option "noacl" so it would work with kernel 3.16.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Did you set the option "ea"?

Comments in AppleVolumes.default seem to indicate that by default native 
filesystem handling is tried first, with fallback to AppleDouble 
directories.  My guess is that filesystem handling also didn't work with 
older kernel, but failed more gracefully than with the newer kernel.

If you have .AppleDouble dirs allower then I guess that confirms my 
theory - then try explicitly set ea:ad.

Or, if you don't really need to preserve the legacy Mac part of files 
(you probably don't if you serve same data also with Samba) then try set 
it to ea:none (which might also speed things up a bit.

> Is this problem fixed in netatalk 2.2.5?

Not sure.  Please do try, and report back your findings to this 
bugreport: http://snapshot.debian.org/package/netatalk/

> Why is there no stable netatalk package?

Because of licensing issues (spotted long time ago without solving, but 
only at a recent reorganisation of the package noticed by ftpmasters and 
- correctly - flagged as reason for removal from Debian until resolved): 

> And why does my OSMC client also have problems with samba sharing 
> speed on kernel 3.16?

I don't know what OSMC is, but regardless I suspect that question is 
better asked to the samba maintainers - or even better: upstream among 
the samba developers.

 - Jonas

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