[Pkg-netatalk-devel] Time for a build?

Brian Campbell brian.campbell at editshare.com
Thu Mar 6 05:20:52 UTC 2014

Hi, Jonas!

I've been using packages built based on the latest git version
(including the changes I pushed to the "backports" branch because I
wasn't sure if those should be merged without associated Debian bugs)
for a few weeks now, and have been fairly happy with them.

As I'm not a DD, I can't upload a package to the archive. Do you think
it's time to build and upload a Netatalk 2.2.5 package? Right now
Jessie has no Netatalk due to the FTBFS bug.

Also, Ralph Böhme has gotten me a patch for the feature I've been
waiting for in Netatalk 3, so I'm probably going to start work on
packaging Netatalk 3 soon. Any thoughts on packaging Netatalk 3? I'm
thinking that for Jessie we'd want to have a new package named
netatalk3, so there could still be Netatalk 2.2.5 in the archive as
netatalk as the configuration format is not backwards compatible nor
is it possible to automatically migrate (there are still a few obscure
features not supported by the new configuration format, as well as
obsolete features like the actual AppleTalk protocol). But I'm less
familiar with Debian packaging so you may have other preferences.

Would https://github.com/adiknoth/netatalk-debian/tree/master/debian
be a good place to start, or would it be better to just redo the
Netatalk 3 packaging from scratch?

-- Brian

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