[Pkg-netatalk-devel] Bug#685878: checking in

Igor Bernstein igor.bernstein at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 17:21:04 UTC 2014

It seems a lot of history has been hidden when bug #690227 was merged into
this ticket.  I've summarized the history below for the benefit of other
users that are interested in using netatalk 3.x.  Please correct me if I
got something wrong or missed something.

But the question remains...given that:
- netatalk 3.0 was released on 25 months ago
- was initially packaged 22 months ago
- was repackaged using cdbs 17 months ago
- you stated your intent to upgrade the package to 3.x 7 months ago
- jessie freeze happens in 2 months

will we see a netatalk 3.x package in jessie?

2012/7/9 - netatalk 3.0 released upstream

2012/10/11 - Hideki started working on a 3.0.1 package using dh style
instead of cdbs, but it was declined because of Jonas' wish to stick with

2013/3/18 - Igor posted a 3.0.1 cdbs package

2013/4/12 - Martin updated the cdbs package to 3.0.3

2014/1/11 - Tony built a 3.0.6 deb

2014/1/11 - Tony articulated the need for 3.0.6 due to problems w. time

2014/1/11 - Jonas stated intent to upgrade to 3.x but cited lack of time

2014/1/14 - Adrian cleaned up tony's 3.0.6 package and posted it

2014/2/10 - Jonas stated intent to continue to maintain the netatalk
package & opened a mailing list on alioth

2014/4/18 - Brian cleaned up & updated adi's package to 3.1.1

2014/4/19 - Chris suggested to get netatalk 3.x into experimental asap to
get it ready for jessie

2014/4/20 - Chris, Brian & Jonas collaborated & pushed 2.2.5

2014/8/4 - Adrian updated the package to 3.1.3

2014/8/27 - HAT reported that 3.1.6 is available

relevant references:

adi's package (currently @ 3.1.3):

debian at bootc.net fork of adi's 3.0.6 package (currently @ 3.1.1)

last mailing list discussion about 3.x:
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