[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#462846: Bug#462846: compiz: Freeze for a moment when maximizing a Gnometerminal

Harald Dunkel harald.dunkel at t-online.de
Mon Jan 28 20:07:16 UTC 2008

Marcus Lundblad wrote:
> No xset dpms force off doesn't do any difference.

No, my question was whether you get a sound hiccup when running
"xset dpms force off"? I do.

> But, it might very well be an Nvidia-issue, I've experienced freezes
> lately when the CPU load is high too.

Problems on high load can mean anything, e.g. some heat problem.
Maybe you should try to do some stress test on the console (without
XWindow running). For example, you could build a new kernel with

When your PC freezes again, then you should reset and immediately
enter the bios to check the temperature. 65C is usually pretty
close to the edge.

Have you overclocked your CPU or GPU?

> And I've had no such issues on my laptop, which has an ATI "card" and
> where I'm not using Compiz (at the moment).

I would say its pretty hard to compare a desktop and a laptop

> Though I've installed the Nvidia drivers using Nvidia's installer,
> because I didn't feel like taking in Xorg from Sid just now...
> I just saw there is a new Nvidia driver out, I could try with that and
> see if it still has issues.

I would suggest to do so. Please remember that this is a bug tracking
system about problems with Debian packages. If you ignore Debian and
use the upstream's Nvidia driver instead, then you might consider to
contact NVidia directly.



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