[pkg-nvidia-devel] Freeze exceptions for NVIDIA

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Oct 6 19:03:59 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 10:25:43AM -0700, Randall Donald wrote:
> Dear release managers,
> 1) Please unblock nvidia-xconfig
> nvidia-xconfig 1.0+20080522-2 fixes a RC bug on a missing dependency. 
> 2) Has the kernel for Lenny been settled yet? I see the latest migration
> was on the 21st. If so, I'd like to request that 
> nvidia-graphics-drivers, nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-96xx,
> nvidia-graphics-modules-i386, nvidia-graphics-modules-amd64, 
> nvidia-graphics-legacy-96xx-modules-i386,
> nvidia-graphics-legacy-96xx-amd64
> and nvidia-kernel-common 
> be hinted into Lenny if possible.
> The 71xx set is still not ready unfortunately.

Here is a patch for 71xx, but it needs to move to 71.86.06 from 71.86.04
to fix 2.6.26 support.

Build tested on 2.6.26-1-486, 686, and 686-bigmem.  Not tested against
amd64 yet since that machine is busy at the moment.  I also don't have a
graphics card that will work with it anymore as far as I can tell, so I
can't really test it.

The patch simply fixes the incorrect complaint about xen.

Len Sorensen
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