[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#500285: Bug#500285: no patch necessary for building against 2.6.27

Sven Joachim svenjoac at gmx.de
Tue Oct 21 19:23:47 UTC 2008

On 2008-10-21 20:58 +0200, Lennart Sorensen wrote:

> make-kpkg has a modules_clean target.  Does using that before the build
> help?

Nope, same problem.

>  If not, then I suspect there is a problem with the cleaning
> target in the nvidia package we have to figure out.

All I can say that "make-kpkg modules-image" failed in the correct way
(did not produce a .deb file) in version 169.12-1 when I filed #476504.
Since then, every version built fine so the problem could not show up.


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