[pkg-nvidia-devel] Packages ready for review and upload

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Thu Nov 26 10:26:01 UTC 2009


Andres Mejia wrote:
> Just so you know, I have applied changes to nvidia-graphics-drivers to create 
> a separate package for the VDPAU driver (nvidia-libvdpau1-driver) in the svn 
> repo. Also, I've updated the packaging for libvdpau in the svn repo as well.

Shouldn't the libvdpau-driver package be handled by a virtual package?
E.g. libvdpau-vendor-1 or libvdpau-implementation-1 or libvdpau-driver-1
(the -1 suffix because nvidia seems to start versioning the
implementation with wrapper version 0.3).
An open question is how to ensure the implementation dependency on amd64
is not satisfied accidently by nvidia-libvdpau1-driver-ia32.

Is it really neccessary for libvdpau1 to depend on the driver? Wouldn't
a Recommends: be sufficient?

What about renaming the binary vdpau driver package to use a simpler
name like
instead of nvidia-libvdpau1-driver?
(Or should that better be libvdpau-nvidia1[-ia32] if the implementation
gets a proper soname, soon?)
This should also Provides: libvdpau-vendor-1 (or whatever name is chosen).
Note, the so-name "1" here is not to match the so-name of the wrapper
library libvdpau.so.1, but the versioning of the vdpau-implementation
currently being introduced.

Can you build libvdpau1-ia32 (amd64) from libvdpau source, too?
Eventually --with-module-dir needs to be adjusted to search in
/usr/lib32/vdpau. With the current approach (libvdpau1 from open source
package, libvdpau1-ia32 from nvidia binary driver) the two libvdpau.so.1
may have different behaviour, also shipping libvdpau.so with the binary
driver will be stopped at some point.

Even if nvidia did not ship drivers in the new layout using
/usr/lib/vdpau, I think the debian packages shipping the binary driver
could already start using this (and also use a primary symlink of
libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 instead of libvdpau_nvidia.so) and add
compatibility symlinks in the old locations:
usr/lib/libvdpau_nvidia.so -> vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1
usr/lib/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so -> libvdpau_nvidia.so.1


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