[pkg-nvidia-devel] r770 - in /packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian: changelog rules

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Wed Apr 7 05:58:43 UTC 2010

Author: rra
Date: Wed Apr  7 05:58:43 2010
New Revision: 770

URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-nvidia/?sc=1&rev=770
Stop stripping the binaries; we're not allowed to

* Stop stripping the binaries.  The NVIDIA license does not allow us to
  modify the binaries in any way.


Modified: packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/changelog
URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-nvidia/packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/changelog?rev=770&op=diff
--- packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/changelog (original)
+++ packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/changelog Wed Apr  7 05:58:43 2010
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@
     may have gotten far enough to create them.
   * Document the nvidia-glx postrm cases and rationale in more detail in
     comments in the postrm.  Thanks, Sven Joachim.  (Closes: #575272)
+  * Stop stripping the binaries.  The NVIDIA license does not allow us to
+    modify the binaries in any way.
   [ Andreas Beckmann ]
   * Add Enhances: lib[32]vdpau1 to nvidia-vdpau-driver[-ia32].

Modified: packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/rules
URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-nvidia/packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/rules?rev=770&op=diff
--- packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/rules (original)
+++ packages/nvidia-graphics-drivers/trunk/debian/rules Wed Apr  7 05:58:43 2010
@@ -268,8 +268,19 @@
 # Must not depend on anything. This is to be called by
-# binary-arch/binary-multi
-# in another 'make' thread.
+# binary-arch/binary-multi in another 'make' thread.
+# Do not run dh_strip here.  The NVIDIA license says:
+#     2.1.2 Linux/FreeBSD Exception.  Notwithstanding the foregoing terms of
+#     Section 2.1.1, SOFTWARE designed exclusively for use on the Linux or
+#     FreeBSD operating systems, or other operating systems derived from the
+#     source code to these operating systems, may be copied and
+#     redistributed, provided that the binary files thereof are not modified
+#     in any way (except for unzipping of compressed files).
+# Stripping the binary modules would constitute modifying the binary files
+# in a way other than unzipping of compressed files.
 .PHONY: binary-common
@@ -288,7 +299,6 @@
 #	dh_installinfo
-	dh_strip
 	dh_compress -X.h -X README.Debian 
 #	dh_perl

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