[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#523879: nvidia-graphics-modules-i386 fails to build with ndivia-kernel-sources 180.44-1

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Wed Mar 17 19:51:52 UTC 2010

severity 523879 important
retitle 523879 nvidia-kernel-source only builds with module-assistant or make-kpkg

Alexander Gerasiov <gq at cs.msu.su> writes:

> I've tried to build nvidia-graphics-modules-i386 (updated to 180.44), but it fails.
> The problem is in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180.44/debian.binary/rules
> There is a call to 
> dh_builddeb  --destdir=$(KPKG_DEST_DIR)
> but if KPKG_DEST_DIR is undefined, building fails. (nvidia-graphics-modules-i386 affected)
> The patch is simple. (see attachment)

Currently, the build is only supported with either module-assistant or
make-kpkg, which set that variable and multiple others.  If you want to
build outside of those frameworks, you need to duplicate what they do.

It would be nice to fix this, but I don't think it's release-critical to
do so.  Those are the standard tools for building add-on kernel modules in

(It would be nice to add module-assistant to the Recommends for the

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