[pkg-nvidia-devel] packaging team

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Mon Mar 29 18:00:37 UTC 2010

Randall Donald <randy at khensu.org> writes:

> I guess a discussion needed to be started here about what people wish to
> do and their expectations. Remember I will be backing out so I'd rather
> not commit to anymore work than I have to here.

I have extremely limited time to spend on helping, unfortunately, but can
at least apply patches, do uploads, and try to fix the RC bugs.  My first
priority would be to get nvidia-graphics-drivers to migrate to testing,
which involves applying the three patches in the BTS for the RC bugs and
then uploading both i386 and amd64 builds since the non-free buildd
network is unavailable.

Of course, any of that other people can do is great.

Are there already instructions somewhere about the process used to update
to a new upstream release?  I know that upstream's packaging is a bit

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