[pkg-nvidia-devel] packaging team

Chris Taylor ctaylor at debian.org
Mon Mar 29 20:14:14 UTC 2010

Randall Donald wrote:
> Hello all,
> So there are now two developers who have joined the team, plus the
> assistance of Daniel Baumann. Russ Allbery and Chris Taylor are the new
> team members. Daniel's position is still not clear however as he doesn't
> like the allioth system and prefers debian-maintainers.org. I have given
> him nvclock as it isn't an NVIDIA product. 
> I guess a discussion needed to be started here about what people wish to
> do and their expectations. Remember I will be backing out so I'd rather
> not commit to anymore work than I have to here.
> Andreas I have included you in this message as I can't recall if you you
> are on the list and what your debian status is. 
> Randy


I don't have a huge amount of time to dedicate to the packaging. But I
am able to review and apply patches (possibly providing them on rare
instances), do minor updates to the packaging, and sponsor uploads.

Hopefully though it will all work out with more people having their
hands on it.


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