[pkg-nvidia-devel] dpkg trigger for managing the libGL.so symlink?

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Sat May 8 16:11:19 UTC 2010

Andreas Beckmann <debian at abeckmann.de> writes:

> is it possible to use a dpkg trigger for managing the libGL.so symlink?
> This way whenever a package containing libGL.so (that would be libGL-dev
> and nvidia-glx-dev) is installed/modified/removed the link could be
> modified appropriately and we can get rid of the init script and its use.

Yup, that was my thought a while back, but I hadn't had a chance to
implement it.  I think that should work more reliably than the init

> On the other hand - do we still need to apply that special handling of
> libGL.so anyway?

I looked at it and convinced myself that it was a good idea.  What it does
is prefer the xlibmesa version of libGL for linking programs against
unless nvidia-glx-dev is also installed, which seems like the right move.

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