[pkg-nvidia-devel] [patch 190xx] [35/k] add infrastructure for legacy drivers, part 1

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Sat May 8 20:33:55 UTC 2010

Andreas Beckmann <debian at abeckmann.de> writes:

> To check out your "obscurity scale", ... would turning more control
> files into templates (because we need to substitute #LEGACY#) be a
> problem? (Would be an empty substitution for the primary package.)
> The *.shlibs and *.lintian-overrides are the primary candidates to
> become *.in, again.

I think that makes sense.

> Same obscurity question goes for adding a lot of ${nvidia:Legacy}
> substvars to debian/control.

I'm not as sure that this will make sense just because I'm not sure that
we'll be able to share the control file anyway.  Won't the package
descriptions all be different?

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