[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#366910: Bug#366910: can't install nvidia-kernel-source

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Sat May 8 20:36:04 UTC 2010

Ariel <asdebian at dsgml.com> writes:

> That is true, and yet I was unable to upgrade, until I made a fake package
> called nvidia-kernel-190.53 which allowed me to upgrade nvidia-glx

Well, yes, you won't be able to upgrade nvidia-glx until after you've
built kernel modules.  That part is intentional.  Is that what you were
running into?

The sequence is to upgrade nvidia-kernel-source, build new kernel modules,
install the new packages, and then upgrade nvidia-glx.

This will all get much simpler with the next upload when we'll start
pushing people towards using DKMS instead.

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