[pkg-nvidia-devel] [patch 195xx] [4/k] renaming

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sun May 9 13:40:26 UTC 2010

Well, here is no patch attached, just a list of renames to be performed
for patches coming later on:

svn up
for f in debian/nvidia-glx.README.Debian \
        debian/nvidia-glx.shlibs \
        debian/nvidia-glx-ia32.shlibs \
        svn mv $f $f.in

This will be used by
a) adding #LEGACY# placeholders
b) I intend to add new placeholders #!i386#, #!amd64# that are
substituted by '#' on their respective platform and '' elsewhere, so
that we can disable (= commenting out) some lintian overrides that are
unused on one platform without splitting/duplicationg the override file
into a .lintian-overrides.i386 and .lintian-overrides.amd64


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