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(new) nvidia-kernel-dkms_195.36.24-1_i386.deb optional non-free/kernel
NVIDIA binary kernel module DKMS source
 This package builds the NVIDIA Xorg binary kernel module needed by
 nvidia-glx, using DKMS.  The kernel module will be built for your running
 kernel and automatically rebuilt for any new kernels that are installed.
 The NVIDIA binary drivers provide optimized hardware acceleration of
 OpenGL applications via a direct-rendering X Server for graphics cards
 using NVIDIA chip sets.  AGP, PCIe, SLI, TV-out and flat panel displays
 are also supported.
 This version only supports GeForce 6xxx and higher of the Geforce GPUs
 plus complimentary Quadros and nforce.  Look at the legacy packages for
 older cards.
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Changes: nvidia-graphics-drivers (195.36.24-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Russ Allbery ]
  * New upstream release.  (Closes: #571674, #575457, #575550, #578589)
  * Add an nvidia-kernel-dkms package which builds the kernel module using
    DKMS and hence automatically does the right thing with kernel upgrades
    (provided the module builds).  (Closes: #334848, #395226, #528758)
  * Overhaul the build system in nvidia-kernel-source to not require
    module-assistant, be more robust in its derivation of the kernel
    version, and embed the kernel package version in the module package
    version.  Recommend nvidia-kernel-common since it's a dependency of
    the generated module package.  Remove the unnecessary recommendation
    of devscripts.  (Closes: #254859, #279182, #303521, #368669, #473378)
    (Closes: #523879, #534535)
  * nvidia-kernel-<version> now only recommends linux-image-<version>
    instead of depending on it, allowing the package to be used with
    hand-built kernels not installed as regular packages.
  * Build the tarball for nvidia-kernel-source directly in the staging
    directory rather than using dh_install to install it elsewhere and do
    that as a dh_auto_install override.  This simplifies creation of the
    nvidia-kernel-dkms package.
  * All packages that suggested nvidia-kernel-source now suggest
    nvidia-kernel-dkms as an alternative.
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * do not ship empty directory in module package
  * debian.binary/rules, debian.binary/install.template: use dh_install to
    install the module
  * debian.binary/rules: fix clean target if debian/control is missing and
    cleanup ancient code (closes: #241994, #295909, #460509)
  * update debian.binary/control.template using the copy from
  * include a copy of the NVIDIA changelog in the module packages built from
  * install the changelog from the nvidia-kernel-source package, too, if
    building via nvidia-graphics-modules
  * nvidia-kernel-source: bump debhelper dependency to 7 to match module
    packaging templates
  * merge debian.binary/copyright with debian/copyright.in
  * debian/control:
    - drop versioned Depends/Build-Depends satisfied in lenny
    - drop Conflicts/Replaces for packages existing before lenny only
  * TLS cleanup: Debian only ships TLS enabled 2.6 kernels, so remove all
    dynamic TLS checking and symlink updating code (closes: #394085)
    - nvidia-glx.README.Debian: don't talk about TLS any longer
    - debian/nvidia-glx.init: remove (inactive) tls symlink adjusting code
    - debian/nvidia-glx.default: remove, no longer needed
    - nvidia-glx.postinst: remove /etc/default/nvidia-glx on upgrades
    - stop shipping /usr/lib/nvidia/tls_test*
  * debian/nvidia-glx.bug-script: new bug script that reports a bit of useful
    version and hardware information
  * debian/control: bump debhelper B-D to (>= 7.2.3~) for dh_bugfiles
  * debian/rules: use dh_bugfiles to install bug script
  * Create symlinks NVIDIA-Linux{-i386,-amd64,} pointing to the extracted
    upstream archives to reduce #DIRNAME# and $(dirname_*) usage. (Using
    wildcards is not a good idea since beta releases use a different naming
  * debian/*.in: replace #DIRNAME# with NVIDIA-Linux and rename *.in to * if
    this was the only substitution
  * patches/*, patches.save/*, patches.dpatch.save/*: remove, long obsolete
  * debian/rules: remove obsolete code
  * debian/upstream_info, debian/rules: simplify
    - add URL_X86 and URL_X86_64, include both URLs in debian/copyright
    - drop unused variables BASE_VERSION, FILENAME, DIRNAME, URL, RELEASE,
  * conftest.h: implement conftest.sh function acpi_walk_namespace (new in
    195.xx), acpi_walk_namespace is available since 2.4.0 (checked with lxr)
  * conftest.h: reorder and make INIT_WORK implementation more complete
  * debian.binary/control.template: rename to *.in
  * debian/rules: use same variable substitutions as for debian/*.in to create
  * debian/rules: rename target build-kernel-stamp to module-source-stamp,
    reindent, simplify and unify; do not require root for building the tarball
  * debian/rules: rename target configure-stamp to unpack-stamp and fix
  * debian/rules: remove unused stamp files, targets and variables
  * maintainer scripts:
    - synchronize with dh_make templates
    - document the target release squeeze for some cleanup operations as a
      hint to remove them after squeeze release
    - remove code deactivated before etch release
    - remove diversion transition and cleanup code introduced before etch
    - remove libwfb.so diversion cleanup code introduced before lenny release
  * nvidia-glx: stop diverting /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libGLcore.so,
    was removed in Xorg 1.6, add Breaks: xserver-xorg-core (<< 2:1.6) instead
  * nvidia-glx: stop diverting files not seen in etch or later:
    - /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libGLcore.a
    - /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.a
  * nvidia-glx: clean up diversion of /usr/lib/libGL.a (was not being created
    in etch or later), the file is provided by libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev which
    conflicts with nvidia-glx
  * remove empty maintainer script nvidia-glx-dev.preinst.in
  * debian/rules, debian/*.install.in: use dh_install instead of manual
  * debian/*.dirs: remove or minimize
  * debian/rules: reindent and simplify
  * debian/rules: switch to dh with a few overrides
  * debian.binary/patches/select-nv-kernel.o.ARCH.patch: add new patch instead
    of editing files with sed when creating the tarball
  * update lintian overrides
  * debian/rules: generate most parts of the AUTOGEN list automatically
  * debian/changelog, debian/*.README*: whitespace cleanup
  * move files: debian.binary/ ==> debian/module/debian/,
    Makefile, conftest.*, patches.h ==> debian/module/
  * debian/rules: adjust for debian/module/
  * switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
  * debian/module/debian/: set source format 1.0, the module source "package"
    is shipped as .tar.bz2 and unpacked with tar, therefore no newer features
    can be used
  * conftest.h: ensure the macros from linux/version.h are available
  * debian/module/debian/patches/conditionally-include-linux_version.h.patch:
    new patch, ensure linux/version.h is included only once (that header does
    not have include guards)
  * debian/README*: remove reference to http://people.debian.org/~rdonald
  * remove Randall Donald from Uploaders per his request
  * debian/control:
    - remove dependency on x11-common, probably remained from the X11R6 time
    - reformat, synchronize, use more substvars
    - add Conflicts with nvidia-glx-legacy-* packages
    - reorder packages for better logical grouping
  * install the bug-script in all packages as well as in the binary modules
    packages built from nvidia-kernel-source
  * replace shell script debian/upstream_info with makefile fragment
  * debian/rules, debian/README.source: add new target get-orig-source and
    simplify instructions for tarball creation:
    uscan --report && dch -v <version> && debian/rules get-orig-source
  * fix-2.6.33-build.patch: remove, fixed by upstream in 195.36.24
  * libcuda1.symbols: update for symbol changes in 195.xx
  * nvidia-kernel-source.README.Debian: mention dkms and m-a before everything
    else, drop some very outdated information
  * debian/rules.defs, debian/rules: add variable/placeholder LEGACY
    and new subst vars nvidia:Legacy and nvidia:LegacyDesc

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