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Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Fri May 14 09:49:51 UTC 2010


getting OpenCL support in may need a bit of discussion.

 * add packages for NVIDIA OpenCL support via installable client driver
   (ICD): nvidia-opencl-common, nvidia-opencl-icd,
   nvidia-libopencl1, nvidia-libopencl1-ia32, nvidia-libopencl1-dev

There are 6 new packages:


contain libOpenGL.so.1 and the headers and from my point of view this
looks like a "wrapper" similar to libvdpau.so.1 and I expect there might
be a vendor independent implementation (free eventually?) available, so
I made provisions in order to have the nvidia libraries easily
replacable by libopencl1, lib32opencl1, libopencl1-dev

In order to make use of OpenCL we need a "vendor definition":


provides /etc/OpenCL/vendors/nvidia.icd, the vendors/ directory is
scanned by the library for *.icd and the .icd files contains the name of
a vendor library (libcuda.so in our case) to be dlopened for some OpenCL
entry point.

To glue this together I added a virtual package name "opencl-icd" that
should be available to actually make use of libopencl1. This is provided
by both


which both depend on nvidia-opencl-common and their corresponding cuda

I assume that the ATI OpenCL SDK will provide a similar .icd file (which
could be delivered in some package providing opencl-icd, too) so that an
application can choose which OpenCL provider to use ...

A colleague of mine is working in GPGPU things, so he will be my testbed
for these packages and the upcoming nvidia-cuda-toolkit 3.0

Comments welcome!

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