[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#433272: nvidia module fails to load on normal init

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sat May 15 17:06:43 UTC 2010

On Monday, 16. July 2007 04:31:27 David Lopez Zajara (Er_Maqui) wrote:
> package: nvidia-graphics-drivers
> version: 1.0.8762-2

> Since i've installed nvidia module, i've experimented problems to start
> them.
> On system start, gdm fails to load because "nvidia module it's not
> ready". Executing manually nviboot (start && restart), nvidia-kernel
> (start && restart), and nvidia-glx (start && restart), later execute gdm
> restart and X starts OK. Now, for start, i have an pseudo-script on my
> init who calls these commands before calling to gdm.
> Now, i've installed all nvidia-kernel-module's versions from this, and
> i've this error too. Includes now, with 100.14.09 version.
> --> System
> Running Debian/Sid (Unstable) on x86_64 system.
> Kernel version: 2.6.21-2 (Package 2.6.21-6-amd64).
> Module version: 100.14.09 (Since 100.14.11 is broken on my arch).
> If need more info contact me.

Do you still have this problem with current versions of the NVIDIA driver? 
195.36.24-1 entered testing yesterday.


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