[pkg-nvidia-devel] PyCUDA packaging for Debian

Tomasz Rybak bogomips at post.pl
Sat May 15 19:43:43 UTC 2010

Hello everyone.
I have started creation of PyCUDA Debian packages
(Debian ITP bug #546919
The very first version of packages can be found at my page

They can be installed none of pycuda programs run
when only this package is installed - pytools is missing.
So for now I am putting packages on the web for people
more advanced in packaging to point errors present in them.

Another problem is version - I have put v 0.94 while
pycuda is in version 0.94rc. When I will read how to version
packages downloaded from git repository I will change that.

Some questions.

I have put first paragraph from PyCUDA web page as description
of the package - I hope this is OK.

What is license of PyCUDA? I assume it is MIT, but where can I confirm

Debian Python packages should have names starting with python-*.
Should this package be named python-cuda or python-pycuda?

Best regards.

PS. This message is being sent to two lists: pycuda and
Debian nvidia packaging.

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