Bug#604953: gdm3: Crash on launching GDM3 user-selection

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sun Nov 28 18:30:55 UTC 2010

On Thursday, 25. November 2010 18:57:35 Daniel Golesny wrote:
> Package: gdm3
> Version: 2.30.5-5
> After complete new default installation of Squeeze I couldn't startup
> Gnome. After showing the user selection dialog the computer crashed and
> restarted itself, what caused in an endless crash-restart-loop.
> In recovery mode I've installed nvidia-xconfig and executed it. Then I
> could start Gnome.
> Now I need 1-3 restarts to get Gnome running

I don't think this is a NVIDIA problem. Please try to get your system back 
into the state before running nvidia-xconfig, e..g move /etc/X11/xorg.conf 
out of the way, there shouldn't have been a config file at all in a fresh 
squeeze install. Try to reproduce the original problem and 
attach /var/log/Xorg.0.log and the logfile from gdm3 (sorry, I don't know 
where to find this) to this bug. You'll have to save the logs while in 
recovery mode, otherwise they get overwritten at the next restart.

(with no xorg.conf the proprietary NVIDIA driver won't be used at all...)

> , here is one of the errors 
> I've sent:
> http://www.kerneloops.org/submitresult.php?number=2114581
No information found ...


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