Upcoming testing migration for X

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Sat Apr 9 18:24:27 UTC 2011

Adam D. Barratt <adam at adam-barratt.org.uk> (09/04/2011):
> Having been looking at some test runs this afternoon, it looks like we
> can mostly get this and the kernel done if we also:
> - age xf86-video-omapfb
> - remove nvidia-graphics-modules (#614089) and xf86-video-glamo
> (#614453); maintainers CCed, both packages would be free to re-enter
> testing once fixed.

I think there's x-x-video-openchrome too.

> There's one small issue - xserver-xorg-input-{ev,fb}dev-udeb/sparc
> now depend on xserver-xorg-core-udeb, which doesn't exist on sparc

Ah, unforeseen issue with having proper dependencies against the
server now. Any chance it could be forced it with that known issue? We
could either exclude sparc from their arch list, or finally fix the
server (and I think its (single) dependency which needs something like
-fPIC or some reloc-related issue fixed) when we have time? Those
udebs aren't used on sparc anyway, so if you have a way to force them
in, we could keep track of the (consequence-less) “breakage” in a bug,
and I think everything else should be fine?

Thanks for the catch, and for your time.

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